What we like to do

We at Defenderforyou.com are a diverse group of professionals of different capacity and shared objectives: to work well, in a professional and scrupulous manner; love of the Defender and of particular automobiles that have made in impact in the world marketplace; desire to manage passions as opposed to merchandise. These are but a few of our group’s shared objectives and goals. The idea was born when we realized that by uniting our efforts and talents, we would be able to satisfy many an American dream , namely of possessing a prestigious Defender.

The Defender and similar select automobiles are difficult to find, to import or to restore in the United States. Consequently, we seek them out, verify their particularity, provenance and documented history. When selected, we restore the vehicle with great care. The company has a team of experts, approximately ten individuals, who have been involved and dedicated to the care, reparations and restorations of these vehicles for over forty years. Everything is considered, from bodywork, chassis and motor to the interior details and electrical systems. Eventually the vehicle is fitted out with further embellishments be it for a captivating design or added functionality. At this point the product is tested for 500 km, photographed in medieval villages, of which there are many in Italy, and ultimately handed over to the American public.