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We at Defenderforyou.com are a diverse group of professionals of different capacity and shared objectives: to work well, in a professional and scrupulous manner; love of the Defender and of particular automobiles that have made in impact in the world marketplace; desire to manage passions as opposed to merchandise. These are but a few of our group’s shared objectives and goals. The idea was born when we realized that by uniting our efforts and talents, we would be able to satisfy many an American dream , namely of possessing a prestigious Defender.

The Defender and similar select automobiles are difficult to find, to import or to restore in the United States. Consequently, we seek them out, verify their particularity, provenance and documented history. When selected, we restore the vehicle with great care. The company has a team of experts, approximately ten individuals, who have been involved and dedicated to the care, reparations and restorations of these vehicles for over forty years. Everything is considered, from bodywork, chassis and motor to the interior details and electrical systems. Eventually the vehicle is fitted out with further embellishments be it for a captivating design or added functionality. At this point the product is tested for 500 km, photographed in medieval villages, of which there are many in Italy, and ultimately handed over to the American public.


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Those who buy from us receive the product on his or her doorstep, in any location or city.

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We have many years of experience and customer satisfaction. We are be able to responding to custom orders from our clients.

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Defender Land Rover series 109 engine displacement 2.286, diesel 44,16 Kw Price: $49,900

The vehicle we propose is a Landrover 109 series, 2286cc, diesel 44.16kw. Approved 9 seater, registered 1982. Chassis ID SALLBCMG2AA165267.

Used mainly as a site vehicle at a high tension manufacturing facility. It was subsequently discharged and abandoned when the facility went bankrupt in the italian 1990’s crisis.

During the next 15 years the vehicle was left in a garage and eventually bought by a neo-etruscan whose intention was to restore it but went on to abandon the vehicle.

The Defenderforyou.com team aquired the relic and began the long restoration project culminating in the finished version how is evident in the  photos.


The original diesel  engine has been replaced by: Engine block, war head (?), straps, water pump, radiator, air conditioning, fuel pump, gaskets, o-ring, distribution, leaf springs, shock absorbers, break system, clutch, hub caps, muffler parts, front and rear axle track replaced with new and used, original parts.

All pieces and parts, both new and used, are original brand items. The bodywork was entirely dismantled to expose the frame and restored authentically, substituting parts that suffered rust damage and repainted in oven.  

Leatherwork and interior paneling  were reproduced by neopolitan artisans known for their sartorial skills. 140,000 miles are shown atlhough the true mileage is unknown. If you wanto more picture of any area contact us and we will send them to you.

Our staff, present both in the United States and Italy, provides export services from Italy, import services from the United States, customs clearance, home delivery and assistance in registration and title transfer.

Price: $49,900

Sales Tax, Registration Fee, Finance Charge  are additional to the advertised Price.

Toyota Land Cruiser Bj 40 autocarro Price: $25,000

Among the most appreciated off road vehicles in the world, this example of BJ 40 was registered in Italy in 1978. The vehicle is a 2.977 diesel engine, 58,88 kw, 2 seater.

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It was used in the cargo area of the port of Genoa and after forty years of proper use in the maritime environment it was reduced to scrap metal. Our team acquired a heavily damaged and totally rusted vehicle. It was rebuilt piece by piece using original shapes and newly cut plates soldered together.
Neopolitan upholsterers disassembled and reconstructed the seats, panels, roof and dashboard.
The motor was intact with optimal compression, new tires on original wheels, new metals on an old spirit, the work has transformed a fascinating historical piece into a vehicle that is ready to be reborn with you at the wheel.

Land Rover Series 109 - Pick up Price: $39,000

Land Rover Series 109 - Pick up is a beautiful example of the Land Rover series 109, originally a 9 seater, registered in Italy in 1971, petrol fueled engine, 2,286 cylinders, 57 KW.

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 It was used for over forty years on a farm north of Rome in the Sabine hills, to transport the workers during the olive harvest. It was thereafter transformed into a pick up truck in 1985 and used ever since to transport the olives to the press, thus of great support in the world famous production of Sabine extra virgin olive oil DOP. Our Defenderforyou.com team found the vehicle passed down and put aside but in good condition. It was dismantled, repainted both the exterior and interior, provided with new covering for the posterior seats, and the brake system was adjusted. In its present state, the vehicle is a small jewel: fascinating, silent, romantic, antique and actual. In each vehicle acquired, one can find a small memento in the object or coin compartment that has been left by the particular dedicated team members who were involved in its restoration.

Who We Are

We have been importing Defenders to the US for many years from Italy and the UK.
Stefano Trasei is a my reliable Italian partner and he has consistently delivered Land Rovers to me in the US.
We have good connections with an Italian shipping company and a US customs broker in the port of Baltimore for a smooth and predictable import process.

Stefano and I, working together can buy a vehicle from Italy and deliver it to a customer's door anywhere in the US, provide all US customs clearance documents and Italian export certificate/radiation (proof of ownership in US buyer's name) to title and register the car with the buyer's state DMV.


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